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Technology Meets Business to Make Sense

Technology is Powerful. And businesses scale rapidly over the years. During the operation of the business, huge volume of data is stored. In such a premise, it feels there is no better time than now to mine data that give insight, to make better decisions for your organization. Simply put, Technology meets business to make real sense.

Business Intelligence to Move Forward

BI is Evolved. Everything is possible with BI. There is lot of features that are available that open doors to new avenues. For instance, the Tally dashboard offers complete overview of your business in a synopsis with information on sales activity, project success graph, financial stats to name a few. The enhanced capabilities of Answergen allow to drill-down data to analyze most efficiently. Further, the tally reports offer valuable insight into your business to help you make better decisions for your organization.

Easy to Use

Answergen has been customer’s choice because of its simplicity to use. The Answergen BI for Tally has been designed truly with the business user in mind. It’s possible to use the business analytics software from anywhere and from any device with an internet browser. The Answergen BI is available on the cloud, there is no need for any software or hardware deployments, it gets simple.

Tally Data Integration

Extract, Load and Analyze

Integrate your data from Tally in simple steps using inbuilt tools. The inbuilt tool could quickly extract the data, load it into a system and get it ready for business intelligence use.

Simple Solutions and Lasting Results

The essence of Business Intelligence is to yield Results. While you are on the move, You Can Take Answergen with You. Access BI Tools from Anywhere There is an Internet Connection. Explore the Full Range of Analytics and Utilize Dashboard to get a Competitive Edge in Your Business.